Monday, January 12, 2015

Career Development Award-Deadline 2/15

Career Development Award Open to All University of Minnesota PDA Members

The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is offering awards of $400* each to assist postdoctoral scholars in pursuing career development opportunities beneficial to the career goals of each individual postdoc. This award could be used to pay for conference registration, cover the cost of travel to courses or conferences, help pay for tuition for courses, or registration for a seminar, just to name a few examples.

This award is targeting all members of the University of Minnesota Postdoctoral Association (postdoctoral associates (job code 9546), postdoctoral fellows (job code 9560), research fellows (job code 9703) and research associates (job code 9702)) who are looking at additional career development opportunities for academic, industry, or other careers.

To apply please send a two-page Letter of Application detailing your career goals and your proposal along with a two-page version of your curriculum vitae to

In your Letter of Application (two-page maximum):
1. Clearly state your career goals, including proposed future position.
2. Clearly define the conference, course, seminar, etc., that your are requesting funds for, including dates and title of the specific course to be taken or specific conference to attend and presentation type, if applicable.
3. Clearly justify how you would use this award, and detail how this will help you in pursuing your specific career goals.
4. List the number of conferences attended in past year if applying for conference funds.  
5. Provide a clear and detailed budget proposal, including a table detailing the costs with per diem if travel is involved.  State the steps taken to procure other funds and list other funds available (travel award, PI grant, Regents scholarship, etc.) for paying the rest of the budget.
The description of these criteria to be included in your 2-page Letter of Application will be the basis for the scoring metric in selection of these awards, as evaluated by the PDA’s panel of postdocs and faculty. Please note that your 2-page curriculum vitae will not be scored, but will be used by the panel of faculty and postdoctoral reviewers as a reference to help evaluate your Letter of Application in the context of your future plans in your discipline.
Note that only postdocs classified in the job codes listed above, submitting applications and CVs of the appropriate length as described above will be judged for award consideration.
*Scholarship award will be subject to taxes and related deductions as the payment of university funds must go through the employment system.

For questions regarding this scholarship email