Thursday, December 17, 2015

NIH-Funded Postdoctoral Position

The lab of Dr. Bruce Walcheck ( seeks a highly motivated individual for an NIH-funded postdoctoral position at the University of Minnesota (

Our research is focused on the cell and molecular biology of leukocytes in the context of inflammation and the host response to cancer. Ectodomain shedding by specific membrane-associated proteases occurs in the microenvironment of the cell membrane of leukocytes and regulates the surface density of various receptors and the release of cell stimulatory factors. This process is central to the regulation of assorted leukocyte effector functions, such as neutrophil recruitment at sites of infection as well as controlling the expression levels of particular activating receptors on natural killer (NK) cell involved in their killing of cancer cells. Manipulating this proteolytic process may provide novel therapies for cancer and diseases resulting from excessive inflammation.

Interested applicants should email their CV and a cover letter with statement of research interests to: