Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Postdoc Survey

Yesterday we announced the Post-Doctoral Survey. Many postdocs responded in the short time we had it active and we thank you. However, there were concerns that we take seriously which is why we temporarily suspended the survey. We want to be very clear that this survey is to help the PDA Steering Committee guide future decisions about policy and advocacy based on the needs of the post-doctoral community. We will not be presenting or sharing this data anywhere, all results are anonymous. We contacted The University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board for Human Subject Research which has determined that this survey is NOT research and does not need to go through review. However we want to stress that the survey is optional and all questions within the survey are optional.

We know all of you are busy and we truly appreciate your time to give us feedback to improve the University of Minnesota post-doctoral community. We heard your concerns about the U-Pass and with your help we were able to make changes. We are asking for your help again in pointing us towards the issues and concerns you feel are important.

Please go here to take the survey.

For those of you who have already taken it, please take a few minutes to take it again. If you are having difficulty viewing it, let us know