Monday, March 14, 2016

Adjunct Faculty: Biochemistry Lecturer in Bloomington

Primary Purpose:
NWHSU is in need of an adjunct lecturer for Biochemistry for our Summer term (May-August 2016) with the possibility of renewal. This adjunct contract would include 4 hours/week.
Faculty serving as the Biochemistry I lecturer must be able to perform all of these aspects of student education and evaluation, but not limited to:
Create meaningful lectures, projects, assignments, and/or written assessments covering:
  • Structure and function of amino acids/proteins, carbohydrates, nucleotides/nucleic acids, and lipids;introduction to vitamins; function of haemoglobin, enzyme kinetics and regulation; structure and function of membranes; aerobic cellular respiration; overview process of gene expression 
Understand and use evidence informed practice parameters
Create and utilize written tests and rubrics to assess student learning using the ExamSoft platform
Provide meaningful feedback – oral and written
Develop a syllabus that thoroughly outlines the course content, assessments and objectives
Additional duties:
• Faculty are expected to adhere to all faculty policies and procedures.
• Must be in attendance for the entire lecture
• Communicate with students, staff, faculty and providers in a meaningful, professional manner
• Attend all mandatory CoC or NWHSU faculty meetings and training
• Participate in data and quality audits
• Participate in the annual performance appraisal system

• Minimum of a Master's Degree in Biochemistry, preferred PhD in chemistry or Biochemistry
• 2-3 years minimum teaching within the field of organic or biochemistry

Preferred Requirements:
Minimum of 1 academic year full-time teaching experience 
Familiarity with course management system such as Moodle
Knowledge/experience with learning outcomes assessment 
Demonstrated innovation within the field of education and/or technology
Evidence of effective problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making skills
Evidence of a career that includes a strong work ethic with a proven track 
Record of project completion, multitasking, and the ability to handle high pressure environments